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MD Briefly biography

Briefly biography Marlene Dietrich

12/27/1901  Birth of Marie Magdalene Dietrich in Schöneberg (today Berlin) as a second daughter (her older sister: Ottilie Josephine Elisabeth was born on the 5th of February, 1900) of the married
 people Louis Erich Otto Dietrich and Wilhelmine Elizabeth Josephine Dietrich born Felsing
 see birth register entry No. 7 of to 02.01.1902 the register office Schöneberg
08/05/1908 Death of the father Louis Erich Otto Dietrich dies in the sanatorium at the consequences of a syphilis
1907 - 1919 School attendance in Berlin and Dessau
1912  By combination of its two first names Marie Magdalene for itself invents the name M A R L E N E
1914  Marlenes mother marries the lieutenant Edouard von Losch - which do not become the Dietrich girls adopted -
07/16/1916 Edouard von Losch dies at the consequences of a war injury
1920 / 1921  Violin study in Weimar
April-June 1922  Visit -study- of the actor school Max Reinhards in Berlin
October 1922
First roles of Berlin stages and * first movie roles *
05/17/1923  Marriage with Rudolf Emilian Sieber (born 20. Februar 1897 in Aussig, Böhmen, Österreich-Ungarn)
12/13/1924 Birth by Maria Elisabeth Sieber. Marlenes only child.
Summer 1927  First leading role in the film Cafè Electric or Wenn ein Weib den Weg verliert
October 1929  Sample photographs and contract for the film the blue angel
04/01/1930 Premiere of the blue angel in the Gloria palace Berlin.
 Departure into the USA (without man and daughter) on the MS Bremen
11/14/1930  Premiere of its first American film Morocco
12/06/1930 - 04/17/1931  Short return to Berlin. Marlene fetches their daughter Maria,
who will live with it in Beverly Hills.
1935  Separation from its producer Josef v. Sternberg, after 7 common films
1937 Request on American nationality.
06/09/1939 Marlene becomes American citizens, them remains this up to death.
1942 - 1944  Participation in advertising meetings for US war loans
 Support of the organization for special services (USO)
1944 - 1945 Appearances before American soldiers in North Africa, Italy, France and Germany.
1945  Meeting with Marlenes sister Elizabeth Will and visit in Bergen-Belsen.
Marlene  Visits her mother in Berlin.
11/03/1945  Death of her mother, Josephine von Losch, in Berlin.
07/04/1947  Wedding (second marriage) of the daughter Maria with William Riva in New York
11/18/1947  Award the American freedom medal by major General Maxwell D. Taylor
1950  France lends the title Chevalier de la Lègion dHonneur (knights of the honour legion) to it
1953 - 1954  Stages shows in Vegas read in Sahara the hotel and in London in the Cafè de Paris
1955  Beginning 10 of a year old co-operation with Burt Bacherach
1960  European tour. First appearance after the 2nd world war before German public in May in Berlin.
June 1960 First Israel tour
10/31/1960  The State of Israel distinguishes Marlene.
07/29/1962 Honouring with David di Donatello for her theatrical achievement into The judgment of Nuremberg

10/06/1962 guest of honour UNICEF Gala - " Musik der Welt(music of the world)" in Düsseldorf

03/19/1963 Award Belgian Leopold medals by the King.
06/13/1963 star guest in the third German hit festival in the health resort house in Baden-Baden

1963 Publication of its 1st book Marlene Dietrich ABC
 German title  Marlene Dietrich ABC meines Lebens
1964  Tour by the USSR, appearances in Moscow and Leningrad
1965  Cervix cancer, treatment in Geneva
1966 Second Israel tour

04/21/1968 Honouring with the Special Tony Award, for her One Woman show in the Broadway  

1971  President Pompidou/France appoints Marlene  Officer of the honours Legion
05/08/1973  Death of Elizabeth Will (born Dietrich), Marlenes one year older sister
11/18/1973 Washington D.C. fall into the orchestra ditch whereby Marlene at the leg injured itself.
 Although the wound did not heal, it stands for months further on the stage.
January 1974  Bypass operation by Dr. Michael de Bakey in Houston, as well as skin transplantation.
 Direct one on it continues Marlene their tour.
08/10/1974  With a fall at home, break of the left hip.
08/13/1974 Operation in the Columbia Presbyterian hospital New York.
1975  Last tour, Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, Canada, USA and Australia.
09/29/1975  Into Sydney (Australia)Marlene falls and endures a femoral neck break.
 It is transported to New York, where it is treated by the same physician as with the break of its hip.
 It must lie 3 months long in the stretching federation. Afterwards Marlene visits its husband Rudolf Sieber in California.
1976  To write retreat to Paris into their dwelling around here their memoirs.
 Although she avoids public appearances, she continues working up to her death.
06/24/1976  Death of its husband Rudolf Emilian Sieber
1978 Probably from money scarcity Marlene takes the role of the Baroness von Semering in the film of beautiful Gigolo, poor Gigolo
 (Just A Gigolo) on. Their last Filmrolle.
1979  Appear their memoirs (take only my life, Bertelsmann publishing house Nehmt nur mein Leben, Bertelsmann-Verlag),
 first in German and in the FRG and later only in other countries and languages.

In 1980 honourary honouring with the German film award

1982/83  Marlene the documentary film of Maximilian Schell. In this film their voice is to be heard
 not to see to Marlene however no more.
1989 President Mitterand / France appoints Marlene the Commandeur of the honours Legion.
05/06/1992  The end long life, Marlene dies in its dwelling in Paris Avenue Montaigne 12.
05/14/1992  Mourning service in that Paris church La Madeleine
 Funeral on the cemetery Stubenrauchstr. /Ecke Fehlerstr. Berlin Friedenau

08/14/1997 appeared Marlene Dietrich on a German stamp
in the long-term brand series women of the German history.

5/16/2002 Marlene is appointed posthumous the 112th freeman/freewoman from Berlin.

11/11/2005 Maria Riva presents of Marlene Dietrich NACHTGEDANKEN

02/12/2010 the first star in the boulevard of the stars in Berlin

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